Friday, October 07, 2005

On G-G and media frenzy

Tony Keller writes in today's Post:
In the flagship line from her speech, Ms. Jean said words that we English-Canadians have long dreamed of hearing: "The time of the two solitudes that for too long described the character of this country is past."
It is telling of this deep English Canadian desire that we all went nuts over one phrase -- and it is telling of our long-standing predicament that this phrase was delivered not by a politician from Quebec, not by someone who had won over Quebec voters, but by an appointee who has never run for office, and who was under pressure to say something to defuse the firestorm outside Quebec, caused by the perception that she had separatist leanings. To compensate, she threw us one sentence from our revealed fantasies, and we all fell over with joy.

(National Post, October 7 2005)
You cannot help but grin sarcastically, recalling Andrew Coyne's syropy column.


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