Sunday, October 02, 2005

Canada's social strata. Part I.

On Friday, National Post ran a piece entitled "Canada's Tribes"
The Canadian Values Study, a joint project of the National Post, the Dominion Institute and Innovative Research Group, wraps up its analysis with a look at how Canadians can be categorized into five groups.

Having read their characterizations I found them somewhat misleading and unsatisfactory. This post and four others will feature my reflections on the subject.
The Show me Left
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The show me left are most ubiquitous on Canada's academic campuses although they can be found elsewhere but especially among the staff of various ‘community organizations’ which in Canada thrive on government subsidies.
This broad category includes a great variety of people: borderline insane Stalinist fanatics (yes, there are such people in Canada), femi and eco-nazis. However, the main bulk of this group is composed of members of so called 'chattering classes' who, while not necessarily political, blindly subscribe to any left-wing dogma that is popular in the moment. The ‘blame-America-for-everything-crowd’ is chiefly composed of these people.
Religious, but socially liberal.
Their religiosity is of a special kind. Unlike their predecessors, the American of European left of the last century, they are seldom convinced atheists. Instead, they believe in 'spirituality', a necessarily obtuse concept that may mean anything: from mostly made up aboriginal rituals to Wicca and other old and new superstitions.


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