Tuesday, September 13, 2005

movie review: in good company

Well, it's probably be the worst movie I've seen this year. Or it may be not too bad:
depends on whether it depicts correctly its main setting: corporate office culture.
The plot's main twist: a fifty-something guy is demoted to give way to a twenty-six old hot-shot who ends up dating his daughter only to wind up being dumped and fired from the job, is simple enough.
But amidst firings and hirings, just one thought came to mind:
corporate office slaves could be so easily replacable for one reason only: what they do is marketing and selling BS and anyone can do it. Just for the perspective's sake: if you need a good carpenter or any other specialist. How easy would be for your to find another person to replace that person even if you don't get along...
But I digress:
The movie was mediocre to worse all most in any aspect, save for moderately adequate Dennis Quad's performance.
The lazy and unimaginative script, cheesy background music, slow pace, poor acting.

In general, my verdict is:
BORING!!! (3/10)

P.S. apparently lots of people at IMBD have came up a great deal of praise for the movie. Some even thought it was profound (just can't believe it). Go, check out yourself...


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