Sunday, September 11, 2005

Thou shall have the right to steal (some conditions apply)

The opinion section of a typical student newspaper is full of crap. Mostly, a left-wing type of crap of course for 'being political' on campus invariably means belonging to the loonie-left crowd. Why am I reading it then, you may ask? Well, sometimes it's just hilarious but a more profound reason would be that the poor student hacks are less apt in sugarcoating and obscuring their true beliefs, unlike their senior counterparts either from the so called MainStream Media, the 'soft' Salon, or even the insane folks at Indymedia.

Here's the most idiotic statement I've ever seen in print:
Looting, of both groceries and weapons, has overwhelmed the city, attracting almost more attention than the storm itself. The types of looting that endanger the community—such as mugging, or theft of weapons or dangerous goods—are appalling.

Yet when it comes to food, or even costly items being stolen from big-box stores, I have to wonder what anyone expected a desperate population abandoned by those in power to do? Most petty looters are no doubt stocking up on pilfered jewels or electronics because they lost everything and know that they won’t be able to expect much from a federal government that left them to die in the first place.[emphasis mine]

You can read the rest of the article, though I must warn ya that there's nothing more in it than a sloppy rehash of left-wing dogma.


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