Wednesday, September 07, 2005

personal nagging: it sucks to belong to the wrong country

So, I'm flying to St. Petersburg, Russia this fall and I got an excellent deal, 300 CAD cheaper than the next cheapest one. Except, that it isn't so. The route goes through Seattle and there's an overnight stay in Copenhagen.
And I have to apply for transit visas for passing through both even though it's only a couple of hours in Seattle. I understand that there's a terrorist threat and although it still sucks it doesn't make me angry per se to apply for a transit visa to get through. However, what I don't understand, and what makes me angry, is the fact that the cost of a transit visa is the same as the regular tourist one. A Danish Schengen visa would cost you 55 CAD and it used to be 15 for transit. The American one is 100 USD and I'm not gonna step outside of the freaking airport, for Christsake!!!
The deal is still good though but most of it would be eaten away by me not having the right citizenship.


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