Friday, September 02, 2005

life little moments

I was standing in a lineup at the downtown Save-on-Foods when I heard the deafening sound of a descending plane. “And the airport is not even here” - said the woman in front of me. “The city airport is near by”, replied the cashier. “They fly over all the time but it’s rarely that they fly so low”. Imaging a likely disaster (last hundred meters before the runway, the crush, the fire, the smoke, live reports on all channels in the evening), I exited the store. Soon, however, the mystery of a low flying aircraft manifested itself to me. I saw two military jets (must’ve been F-16s, fighters) flying over the Legislature, quite low indeed. In the overcast sky, they looked menacing and at the same time, awe-inspiring.
At that moment, I remembered the War of the Worlds. It’s otherwise a mediocre, if not dumb, movie had its moments; one of which was a sight of military jets flying overhead the characters on a suicidal mission to fight the aliens. That was splendid.
I’m no pacifist, yet not trigger-happy either. I would not, like someone I used to know, refer to a tank as ‘poetry in motion’. But it’s hard to deny that the sight of a military jet zipping past you supersonic in the sky is one of the most breathtaking pictures one can see in this life. I just hope that it’s gonna be always OUR jets in the sky above me and my fellow country men.


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