Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Canada's G-G: Steyn gets it right as usual

I've written on the subject here and here but my humble attempts are no match to Mark Steyn's eloquent genius.
He points out the same thing that I tried to explicate earlier. That despite all the chatter regarding how this appointment of an immigrant, black woman reflects diversity, opportunity etc. in Canada, Ms. Jean is nothing more than another representative of Canadian cultural-political elite and shares all idiosyncrasies with it.
But he does it so much better:
The problem with ??celebrating diversity?? is that it leads paradoxically but remorselessly to ruthless conformity. Thus, the viceregal succession of Micha?«lle Jean. On the face of it, Mme. Jean and the incumbent Governor General have nothing in common: Adrienne Clarkson is an anglophone, Mme. Jean a francophone; Ms. Clarkson was born in Hong Kong, Mme. Jean in Haiti; Ms. Clarkson hosted shows on the CBC??s main unwatched channel, Mme. Jean on their subsidiary unwatched cable channel.

But, despite these huge gaping fundamental differences testifying to the rich multicultural diversity of our society, when it comes to the only diversity that matters--diversity of thought--Ms. Clarkson and Mme. Jean might as well have rolled off the production line in Windsor. As Henry Ford would have said, you can get it in any colour as long as it??s Liberal red. Ascending to her viceregal eminence, Mme. Jean declared that ??I will put all my convictions and my strength toward defending people who need to be defended in terms of the dignity of women, dignity for freedoms, and dignity for the disadvantaged.?? ??Dignity, always dignity,?? as Gene Kelly liked to intone in Singin?? In The Rain, at which point the film would flash back to some sleazy burlesque joint. The difference is that Mme. Jean means it, and seems to think fretting over the ??dignity of women?? is fresh and exciting in 21st-century Canada, even as one woman succeeds another as our de facto chief of state. The new viceroy proclaims herself an ??agent of change?? even as she??s reading from exactly the same script as her predecessor.

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