Monday, August 15, 2005

Law&Order: 15 years since

When your cable service gets cut off there's nothing better than to watch an old episode of the L&O, which is, incidentally, my favorite TV show.
Its first season kicked off in 1990 and the time distance it's great enough to observe a few things as to how the world has changed since. And it's not just the clothes. Right from the start L&O has been a liberal show, hailed for its mutliracial cast (which I never had a problem with - I do hate racial quotas) to its politics. Yet, one can clearly see how certain things wouldn't fly today.
For example, there's one episode wherein the defense attorney tries to smear a witness by calling her a 'whore' instead of the neutral 'prostitute'. He clearly tries to spark moral outrage in the jury.
I guess it might've worked then. Now that guy would've been in trouble with the thought police Human Rights Tribunal or something. Our times are an age when the atrocious 'sex trade worker' is becoming more and more common, even the word prostitute less and less acceptable... Don't get me wrong, I'm not longing for the times when the 'ho' word was perhaps used too often. But this lingo is worse for any worker's got a job to perform and I guess in this case it'd be a bj - it all sounds to GeorgeCarlinesque...I shan't tread in those waters any further.


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