Thursday, August 04, 2005

Canada's successful bid in political cloning: the new GG

So Paul Martin and the bigwigs of the Liberal Party have found a way how to extend Andrienne Clarkson's tenure without actually extending it. Or to put it differntly, it's the first successful experiment in political cloning:
Paul Martin has announced today that Michaёlle Jean will commence on the duties of the next Governor-General of Canada on September 27.

It's not become official that the successful candidate for the GG position has got to be female, immigrant, work for CBC and most importantly be left-of-the centre politically.
I remember reading someone touting Preston Manning as possible replacement - in your dreams, folks.
My fellow bloggers' reaction to it can be found here and here.
Bob Tarantino rightfully points out that John Ibbitson's fawning column on the new GG has no mention of the need of 'exprienced' candidate, which he argued for not long time ago. Damian Penny is glad it's not Monique Begin a self-described 'feminist as long as I remember'.
It's been also said that the new GG is virtually unknown outside of Quebec which might be true in general but in my case I know her too well. I watch CBC's Rough Cuts and the Passionate Eye quite regularly. I find those two quite interesting but I always had to endure the painful introduction part which seemed to be all what Ms. Jean had to do. Her French accent irritated me with no end. I mean I'm not against accents in principle. Hey, I've got thick one myself but even though I am quite capable of saying 'th' properly I won't never make on TV (I used to jokingly call her show Ze Passionate Eye) because For I'm not a French, black, left-leaning female. To me that was a prime example of the Quebec tyranny on the supposedly all-national TV channel.
Yet, following John Ibbitson I'd like to hope for the bright side. Andrienne Clarkson and her self-appointed philospher king husband behaved led a royal lifestyle and engaged in profligate spending (Their trip to Russia sparked a windfall of critism of which the best was delivered by Margaret Wente. Her column "Their excellencies get grounded' is a gem of satire. Check it out).
At least I hope Ms. Jean will be more modest and less of a burden on the Canadian taxpayer than her predecessor.


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