Monday, July 25, 2005

fighting the windmills: latest A&W commercial

Like any modern man, I've acquired the indispensable skill of switching my mind off during commercial breaks while watching TV. But from time to time, you cannot help but to tune in.
This latest A&W ad features a hubby driving his two kids at an A&W drive-thru. He orders a bucket of chubby chicken (10 for 12 bucks) and happily proclaims that something like
see, who says daddy can't cook dinner'
then he refuses to take the accompanying salad coz he forgot to bring another pot for salad.

Oh, I dunno where to start: how imbecile this man must be to believe that this load of junk food can be mistaken for his own cooking. But more importantly, where all the feminists denouncing this commercial for perpetuating gender stereotypes about men not able to cook even simplest meal. I guess they're content with such a disparaging portrayal of men. Anyway, I'm not. (For the record, although not a chief, I do know how to cook and capable of mixing a few quite decent meals).
That's my rant for today, signing off... :-)


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