Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ideology cannot be beaten by force: a history lesson from 1941

Lately, the ruling circles of France and Britain have been trying to depict themselves as fighters for peoples' democractic rights against hitlerism. Furthermore, the English government has declared that the ultimate aim of its war against Germany is the 'destruction of hitlerism', no less. It seems and the English and then French proponents of war have declared some sort of 'ideological war' against Germany, which resembles old religious wars. Indeed, wars against non-believers people of other ethnic origins used to be quite popular. It is well know though, that they led to the gravest consequences for the masses, to the impoverishment and cultural degradation of nations. There could not have been a different outcome. However, those wars took place during the dark ages. Is this what the ruling classes of England and France are trying to bring us back to? At least, under the ideological banner a war of a greater scale and higher danger for Europe and th world has been started. However, such a war would have no justification. One may accept the ideology of hitlerism or reject, like any other ideology. It's a matter of political views. But anyone would understand that an ideology cannot be destroyed by force or through war (emphasis mine- I.Kh). That is why it's not only senseless but also criminal to wage a war, such as the war for the 'destruction of hitlerism', being covered by the false banner of the fight for democracy.

This is an excerpt from a speech delivered at the V session of the Soviet Supreme Soviet (parliament) by Vyacheslav Molotov, Soviet foreign minister at the time, October 31 1941. (The full text in Russian is here)

Try to replace hitlerism with 'islamist terrorism' and France with Britain and Britain with the U.S. and it all becomes so poignant...


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