Friday, July 01, 2005

ironic dictionary of our time: "independent media"

I am a voracious reader when it comes to reading newspapers. Hell, I am a newspaper junkie as I've been spending countless hours skimming through thick Canadian newspapers (in Russia, papers aren't nearly as thick and content-rich). I even read so called 'free' newspapers and herein is the theme of this post.
They boast their 'independence' as compared to the mainstream media outlets and encourage it in others such as this article on the Independent World Television which would be free for all if you just pay them 50 backs once. Apart from looking suspiciously like a big scale scam to me, it's of course sadly obvious, if you read the article, that the word 'indepedent' in the title might as well be substituted with left-wing. It's funny though how in the article Fox is used as the primary example for the alleged right-wing dominance of the media landscape in a country where it's not even legally available. Yet, there's no mention of CBC, Toronto Star or even the Globe for that matter. I mean, are they right-wing media too?
It's highly ironic of course that the most rabidly left-wing news web site calls itself "indepedent media".
Well, if you hear the word 'independent' folks, know what it stands for...


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