Friday, July 01, 2005

Land of the Dead: movie review

Once upon a time I left the Ivory Tower to mingle with the great unwashed masses and watch a Zombie movie... (just a joke :-))

If you wanna find out about the plot as well as to read other people's comments go to IMBD. What ticked me in to write this review was again an article in that 'independent' newspaper wherein the author praised the zombie flick for being
"a scathing critique of the current right-wing culture of fear in the US", no less!!!
I absolutley don't want to go into any details outlining what was wrong with the movie on the logical level (again check the IMDB). I think it's unfortunate, yet predictable, that once you try to 'evolve' zombies past their original stamp as flesh-eating machines obvious contriditions of the zombie concept will be seen all too clearly.
I actually somewhat enjoyed the movie, at least I didn't hate it right away which is a big thumb up for me usually. But I considered it nothing more than mindless fun and actually almost regretted than I'm not that blood-thirsty (or just pure sick) to enjoy all those 'gory scenes throughout'.

But to praise this mere piece of entertainment for its profoundness?? Gimme a break!!! In fact, it tells something about the current socio-cultural climate where a cheap shot at Bush can make an otherwise totally vacouous movie into a 'scathing critique', at lest for some.

So here's my verdict: if you don't have a 'movie budget' and/or have time to spare, it'd be okay to see this movie. However, you got to be choosy about your summer movies, don't bother going - you won't miss out much. (2 stars out of five)


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