Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pecularities of Russian journalism. Part II

I've reading Izvestia's leading pundit, a.k.a. a LiveJournal user, Maxim Sokolov, for quite a while.
He's famous and well-established in Russia but I don't think he'd achieve the same heights if he were to write for a Western newspaper. His articles are permeated with cultural references and direct quotes of Russian and Western literature in the best tradition of the Russian intellegentsia. North American journalists use such tools as well, but it seems to be much less of literary allusions and so on.
And I think I know why; for it a society atomized by multiculturalism the range of cultural references is narrowed down either to the most common platitudes or too the lowest common denominators provided by cosmopolitan show business. There are still quite a few people around who were forced to read Shakespeare in school and others from the Western canon but not for long. It's already being called the domain of the dead white males and it's only a question of time when it'll be eradicated from any ciricullum for good and replaced with something like 'Brother Bear'.
But I guess by then any political commentary will vanish too.


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