Saturday, July 16, 2005

9/11 vs. 7/7: the difference

Here is Boris Johnson, the Spectator editor, pondering over the pertinent question why America’s 9/11 was carried out by some imports while the perpetrators of the London bombings were, so to speak, a homo grown product.

If these four young men were perfectly normal Yorkshiremen, then what the hell is happening to this country? Of all the shattering revelations of the past few days, the worst has been that these suicide bombers were British.

They were our very own. They were as British as the Changing of the Guard. They were born in British maternity wards, and attended by every comfort that the state could give.

They went to British primary schools and learned about Britain from British teachers, and when they murdered so many of their fellow Britons it was the British emergency services who tried to save what lives they could.

Like, give me a break. They weren’t. Or rather they had gone from being reluctant tenants of this country to being totally alienated from it in the course of a few years. That’s what I’ve gathered from reading their profiles in newspapers. Multiculturalism has failed utterly.
I think this is the most important repercussion of the London bombings. Not because people of different skin color cannot be integrated or assimilated but because when met with a stiff cultural otherness, as represented in Islam, it has absolutely no means to deal with it.


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