Wednesday, August 17, 2005

and the bar drops even lower (Coyne on G-G controversy)

Andrew Coyne writes in today's Post:
Not that this is likely to change the government's mind. If there is one thing that experience teaches, it is that after each new outrage, the yardsticks are simply moved further down the field. When it was unthinkable that a Governor General should be a separatist sympathizer -- I think that was about 48 hours ago -- the defence was that there was no proof she was. Now that the proof has been produced, it will shift to something else: As long as she isn't one now. Or, as long as she doesn't say so out loud. So the bar , already low, drops ever lower.

Coyne is definitely correct regarding the evasive tricks the Libs have been up to. But what these trick are made to cover is the fact that Ms. Jean was appointed precisely because of her leftist weltanschauung and if that happened to include support for the separatist cause - well, too bad for the rest of us, too bad for Canada.


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