Sunday, September 04, 2005

the Katrina disaster ends, the blame game begins

It didn't take quite long for the Left and liberal-friendly media to start putting the blame on where it squarely belongs: the prince of Darkness a.k.a. George W. Bush.
Accusations vary in their nature and temerity and it's not up to me determine the validity of all of them. I've heard some blaming the administration and Bush personally for the inadequate response to the disaster. It could've been better, critics say, had Bush not diverted money and effort to his pet war in Iraq. Again, I'm not qualified to defend Bush on this one, though I must say before trying to properly assign blame for this those people should look at the state and city authorities first.
But I've heard an altogether different line, which I find utterly moronic. It goes like this:
The hurricane Katrina is a direct consequence of global warming. The Bush adminstration has refused to address this problem and here we go, bingo: New Orleans lies in ruins and people are running amok. It's all your fault, oil-lovin' Dubya!!

Even if one is to accept the highly questionable premise that the hurricane's magnitude and devastating force with which it hit NO had something to do with global warming, it still makes no sense. Do you really think that even Bush had ratified Kyoto and banned the country's all SUV fleet thereby cutting emissions in half, the trend would have been reverced in a matter of just four years. Isn't global warming supposed to be a long term phenomenon.
One can conceivably argue that by implementing all those things a future hurricane, say fifty years from now, would be averted.
It couldn't have had any impact on Katrina whatsoever!


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