Friday, September 09, 2005

from an academic discussion

И вряд ли он имел в виду изъятие части советской истории из Истории (как событие, несопоставимое с другими событиями) и превращение ее в символ абсолютного зла и предмет квазирелигиозного культа, политического биллиарда и крупномасштабной китчевой индустрии. Да еще с еврейскими комиссарами в роли нацистов в кожаных куртках.

It's unlikely that he meant to exclude part of the Soviet history from History, as an event incommensurate to other events. He didn't advocate turning it into a symbol of absolute evil and the subject of quasireligious cult, a political blackjack, or a largescale kitch industry, which would have Jewish comissars cast in the role of Nazis in leather jackets.
Yuri Slezkine, Ab Imperio vol.1, 2005.

Can you guess what's this all about? Your thoughts, any?


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