Monday, September 26, 2005

Michaelle Jean says au revoir to her French passport

Michaelle Jean to give up French citizenship News Staff

Governor General-designate Michaelle Jean is to renounce her dual citizenship as she prepares to take up the vice-regal post.

In a brief written statement issued on Sunday, Jean said she was giving up the French citizenship she acquired when she married Jean-Pierre-Lafond, who was born in France.

The Haitian-born Jean said it would have felt "kind of strange" to remain a French national, given the duties she will be assuming, including the title of commander-in-chief of the Canadian Forces.

"In light of the responsibilities related to the function of the Governor General of Canada and commander-in-chief of the Canadian Forces, I have decided to renounce the French citizenship that I acquired for family reasons in 2004," Jean wrote in her statement.

She said that French authorities have accepted her request to give up her citizenship in that country.

Jean's decision came despite earlier assurances from a French embassy spokesperson that she wouldn't have to give up her dual citizenship to assume the post.

What's the big deal, guys, I don't get. But okay, if you insist (see picture) I'll play along to soothe your barbaric insticts...


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