Monday, September 26, 2005

good old days...

David Warren comments on the latest realise of some FBI secret files:
Yes, those were the good old days, when the FBI (and, our RCMP) investigated people just for being Commies. Or alternatively, to establish that they were not. From this distance in time, it seems all so risible.

Well, For the Left McCarthyism has become a synonim of the new Dark Ages
witch-hunt and anticommunist hysteria.
Indeed, it is now widely acceptable as unconscionable to 'investigate' someone, let alone 'prosecute' for holding certain political beliefs unless of course... well, try to substitute the word 'commie' for 'nazi' it would become much more plausible to justify this type of prosecution and 'witch-hunt'.
Unfortunately, the modern PC dogma regarding communism is to say that 'the idea itself was good, even noble, but it were the people who tried to carry it out who has given communism a bad name'.

P.S.From the same colum:
We learned, to our amazement and titillation, that U.S. federal agents dismissed John Lennon as a revolutionary threat, on the grounds he was always stoned.

:-). Those FBI folks knew their stuff...


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