Monday, October 03, 2005

Canada's social strata. Part III

Small 'L' Liberals
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And again, the picture is more telling and less confusing than the text. Small ‘l’ liberals consist of ‘soccer moms’ demographic and all those people who pay no attention to politics. They indeed have a lot in common with their cousins to the left, but unlike the first group they’re no revolutionaries so political actions of any kind are not their cup of tea. However, deeply embedded leftist dogma in combination with general political ignorance makes them highly susceptible to the big “L” propaganda regarding the Conservatives’ alleged ‘hidden agenda’. The Liberals and their friendly media have played this card over and over again, last elections being a good example when Conservatives were portrayed to be against ‘women’s rights’ on a baseless charge of trying to outlaw abortions.
And oh yeah, a lot of them happen to live in Ontario, and particularly in that ‘centre of the universe’ a.k.a. Toronto.
Yet, there’s nothing here to suggest that they can’t be won over. It’s been pointed out many times that in order to fight the hidden agenda charge is to have an agenda, to articulate policies in simple, clear language that would leave no room for ambiguities. And running a risk of being accused of sexism :-), ‘soccer moms’ are ‘charm prone’, i.e. a charismatic, good-looking guy would boost his party ratings a lot.


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