Sunday, October 02, 2005

Canada's social strata. Part II.

Social Democrats
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Although the caption does not say it the picture features a working class guy and I think the depiction is correct. This group is made up of mostly workers, especially those who work at big plants, such as Ford’s in Ontario and lumber enterprises in BC and are traditionally heavily unionized. NDP used to represent them until the party leadership got hijacked by campus revolutionaries. ‘Social democrats’ mostly rely on their instincts and old prejudices: as a lot of them were Irish in the past they would be deeply suspicious of the Tories, the party of protestant Anglo establishment.
They keep voting NDP and Liberals even though it’s a well hidden secret that on some key issues such as crime, immigration, their views are much more to the right of even the modern day Canadian conservatives. In the U.S. these people used to be rock solid Democrats until the Reagan revolution and the similar process of 'academization' of the Democratic Party have made their electoral preferences much more violatile . An interesting example of this confusion between the old and new left is the public persona of Michael Moore. He pretends to be a 'social democrat' while in reality he belongs to the upper West side Manhattan


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