Sunday, June 05, 2005

what they think of Canada

Sikh teen fabricated story of attack
Last Updated Sat, 04 Jun 2005 23:11:01 EDT
CBC News

B.C. police are calling off a hate-crimes investigation, after a Sikh teenager admitted he made up a story about a group of white men beating him and cutting his hair.

Police had appealed for tips earlier in the week, after the 17-year-old said five men jumped him behind an elementary school in Richmond on May 26.

This is the update on the initial, June 1, story that started out like this:
B.C. police are urging the Indo-Canadian community to stay calm after a Sikh teenager was attacked by five men who snatched off his turban and cut his hair.

So the first story turned out to be fake has been promptly rebutted, the case closed... Indeed?

I actually pity the guy. Now he's asking for forgivness:
"I am really sorry for everything that has happened[...]
I did not realize that it will become an issue at such a large scale. My sincere apologies to my family, friends, the RCMP and overall community – whose feelings I have hurt in this whole ordeal. "

Poor chap. Perhaps, he had never watched CBC or any other Canadian TV station to realize that's precisely they type of stories they're always on the stand by mode for.
I watched the June 01 broadcast and it was preceded by a report on the results of an investigation on racial profiling in Kingston,ON.
Mere coincedence, no bias??

I shall say no more, make your own conclusions.


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