Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A letter to a friend: Red Toryism and the old PC

One of the thought provoking aspects of the yestereday's conversation was your suggestion
that people in Ontario, including yourself, would be willing to vot the Old PC if it still existed.
It puzzles me with no end for I can't phantom what was the Old PC raison d'etre in the first place. I've heard many times that the difference between the new Conservatives and the PC was that the latter was a party of Red Tories whereas the former no longer is.
So the issue here is to define what Red Toryism means. I'd been gathering the pieces myself , having concluded that somehow first and foremost applies to those who are not social conservatives. Then I came across this manifesto:
(note who hosts the article)
Well, I've read a couple of times and please, please anyone, help to find at least one thing that distinguishes the position this guy has taken from those of the Liberal Party of Canada.
He does say though that
I believe in a sphere for free enterprise and a sphere for an activist government. I believe that the Liberals have muddled the two together...

what the hell is supposed to mean I've no idea, especially coz he goes on to explain how a Red Tory G-nt would be 'business friendly" :
I want government to collaborate with businesses, not work against them

Yes, it does set him apart from the NDP, though I suppose that they would deny that they're not 'business friendly' (after all unlike true commies they want to milk business not to destroy it on the spot)
But what's the difference here against the Liberals, especially the Martin Liberals and after the Tony Labor and
Clintonite democrats it simply makes no sense to argue that the Liberals would be different in this department.
Balancing the budget has become an axiom (unless of course you're clinging to your political life and then anything goes).
to sum it up, I simply fail to see how the old PC and the LIberals differ on any issue. That's why it made no sense for the PC to keep existing in the light of the Liberal transformation. Of course, now when the Liberals have been tainted with corruption some might be willing to hand the power over to basically the same guys who haven't had a chance to line their poket, yet... But if that's the only choice the elites of this country permit you and me to have,
I am truly sorry for myself and other Canadians.


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