Wednesday, May 04, 2005

KKK rears its ugly head in Canada (says a Liberal)

This story is beyond the beyonds.
If you're reading this and you're not from Canada, especially if you're a liberal from the U.S., you should appreciate the state of absolute mental meltdown in which the Liberal Party of Canada a.k.a. the Naturual Governing Party of the Great White North has found itself into. And you thought American politics was nasty.

It started out like this:

The Conservatives want an apology from Immigration Minister Joe Volpe for comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan.

The Opposition party is made up of racists, Volpe said Tuesday, calling members recognizable "notwithstanding that they don't have their cowl and their cape." "The Klan looks like it's still very much alive," the minister added.

Volpe made the comments in response to a magazine graphic in which Liberals are depicted as The Liberanos, a mocking reference to the television Mafia show The Sopranos.

A pair of Conservative MPs - Lee Richardson and Werner Schmidt - were photographed this week pointing to the graphic from the Western Standard magazine.
Volpe blasted the two Tory MPs for using the graphic as a political prop.

"I think these are a couple of fine, upstanding members of the new Conservative Klan," Volpe said, holding up the picture outside the House of Commons.
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Said poster, or some version of it, is here

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Just now, I heard Volpe talking on the radio to Dave Rutherford, host of the 630 CHED morning show. He refused to apologize and his line of defence, wait for this...
'When I saw that poster I got very angry coz I find this poster racist as it is a racial slur on Italian-Canadians.'

Uh-Uh, I"m, like, speechless. This guy is totally mental!!! (in the Ali G voice).
The funny thing that I remember Jean Cretien defending Alfonso Gagliano in the House of Commons when he used exactly same defence. Gagliano critics were somehow racist coz Gagliano is Italian and to accuse him of any wrongdoing is tantamount to playing the race card "All Italians are Mafia members". We all know what happened later (quick recup: To get him out of the spotlight, Mr. Gagliano was appointed ambassador to Denmark by Cretien. When Martin came to power the first thing he did was to fire Gagliano due to the corruption allegations. Surprise, surprise)

My message to the Canadian people:
Be prepared. In the upcoming campaign the Liberals will stop at nothing to prevent the Conservative to form the next government of Canada. And there's one big reason to it: once kicked out of the Sussex drive the Liberals would lose their position of the party of power in Canada and Canadians might in fact realize, oh horror, horror, that the Conservatives are not that bad.

Update: According to this story at the National Post, Volpe had once been approached for support by an Italian-Canadian, Francesca L'Ofrano, who was fighting a court battle against the Sopranos.
"He told me the Sopranos hadn't caused him any problems - it hadn't hurt his career or affected him at all"

What a hypocryte!


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