Monday, May 02, 2005

Keeping the high road - a hard thing to do

Today's National Post features another article by one of those professional social engineers, a BMO head of Human Resources department on women in big business.
Normally, I would have go out of my way to provide a proper reference and a detail rebuke of her argument but since I'm tired now, here's my dirty verdict: absolute crap!!!!
I refer to the crux of her argument, the premise that the composition of staff should reflect the diversity of the community in which it lives - or something like that...
MERIT, MERIT, MERIT - could and should be the only criterion, isn't that supposed to be self-evident...
Of course, she keeps talking about removing hurdles on women's path to corporate success, even though she doesn't explicitly mention discrimination, but in reality it's nothing more than a veiled apologia for preferential treatment.

But what's the source of such hypocrisy and why is it so endemic to big business (such the BMO - Bank of Montreal FYI) and state structures?
I think it's the "alienation of profits" - corporate bosses are essentially spending 'collective', someone else's, money just like the government is spending our taxes. That's why they can afford to embark upon such projects without having to think about potential losses.


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