Saturday, April 16, 2005

Gomery inquiry and (mis)fortunes of the Liberal Party

The sponsorship scandal continues to rock otherwise placid Canadian political landscape. It might as well be that the CPC will finally win the elections which are rumored to take place this summer or fall...
But what to make of it? It's tempting for someone like myself, a Conservative supporter, to suggest that Liberals' problems can be ulitmately link to their political positions. There's something to it of course. For a party the politicial phylosophy of which is based on the premise that government is most likely the best solution for any problem is all so natural to make a step forward and decide that it might as well be good to solve their own problems, including financial ones.

But honestly, I admit it's not the whole story. I think that the main source of corruption in the Liberal Party can be found not in ideology but in the fact that they have been in power for way too long and for most time, largely unchallenged.
That created the sense of impunity that led to the abuse of privileges and corruption.
For the same reason I'm actually not very happy with the Republicans winning another term after Bush's gone. It's not healthy for the political system as a whole. Unfortunately, the present dismal state of the Democrats, their left wing leanings and other delusions don't give one much hope that the party can produce a legitimate contender in 2008. Hillary Clinton? Ok, we shall see first what she's got...


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