Saturday, April 09, 2005

political situation: doomsday visions

So, now, after the Brault testimony was made public, we can say for sure what most people in Western Canada have known all along: the Liberal Party is full of croocks, liars and shameless political opportunists who were lining their pockets while playing 'savior of the country' shtick.

The Canadian right often make sweeping generalizations that the entire
political system in Canada is fundamentally corrupted. Mark Steyn likes to call Canada the 'deranged Dominion'. I can certainly sympathize with their point.
But invariably comes to my mind that roughly the same sentiment is
shared by the U.S. liberals in regard to Bush's America.
In Russia, government officials warn that the country is on the brink of collapse while Western-oriented politians speak of the totalitarian threat (half-seriously, half-jokingly they refer to the Putin administration as the bloody chekist regime).

My point here is that even if there's some truth in those evalutions and the emotive part is greatly exaggerated. Indeed, if Canada is a 'deranged' dominion then Russia must be a hell hole. If the U.S. is being swept by totalitarian bastards (as the loony Left often claim), why then people in NY can still enjoy their decadent lifestyle and attend the 'Bush is Hitler' rallies with impunity.
Even in Russia, things ain't THAT bad. At least, comparing to some previous times in her history, take for example the Stalin era.

I find this self-induced hysteria plain stupid and even dangerous for it obfuscates the true problems by making relativistic judgements regarding their degree.
One wouldn't try to fix a chair if the house is going to be swept by a flood.


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