Friday, April 08, 2005

Mark Steyn on liberal media's perplexity in regard to John Paul II

MS: No, I haven't. You see occasionally someone who will speak with a priest and attempt to deal with it. What we have here is, if you compare, for example, basically the grievance that the New York Times and Christiana Ammanpour and everyone have with the Pope, is that he didn't accommodate their views on homosexuality, abortion and contraception. You know, fair enough. But they wouldn't dream of making that same critique of Islam. They wouldn't, for example, demand that Islam introduce female Imams. You just don't see stuff like that. So in a sense, that proves the point that the world we live in, regardless of where you are in it, is essentially a Judeo-Christian world. And in that sense, the Christian Church, and the Catholic Church in particular, is supposed to be the Church for the whole world. And so these people seem to think they can just go to the Pope and say get with it, man. You've got to come up to speed on gays and condoms and all the rest of it. And they would never dream of making that same critique of Islam.

How true. Read it all


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