Tuesday, May 31, 2005

benevolent diversity bonzes know no bounds

I usually don't have to dig deep to find an example of liberal media bias. Check out the recent story, run by the Globe and Toronto Star, on the evangelical Christians "taking over" the Conservative Party nomination process. But the true extent of this bias becomes evident when find something, something like this article, a seemingly innocuous piece on a bunch of hapless Maritimes feeling nostalgic in Toronto. They’ve formed a local cultural association. Toronto mayor sent them a welcome letter.
The author of the article, Anthony Reinhart, has the following to say:
Perhaps it’s a testament to Toronto’s extraordinary tolerance of diversity that it would extend ethnic minority treatment to a people whose European colonial [sic!] roots in this country run as deep, and as white, as the city’s.

That’s really great. Toronto’s diversity gods are so benevolent in their grand exercise of inclusiveness that even welcome with open arms those dreadful honkies, the colonial scum no less. It’s interesting to find out that an ethnic minority is necessarily non-white one whatever the hell it means (how about Mexicans or Georgians or Armenians – are they non-white too?). So if you’re Ukrainian/Russian like myself ‘ethnic minority treatment’ doesn’t apply to you (I’ve figured that out long time ago though).
No less intriguing is the implying equation between being white and colonial and a Maritimer on the other hand. The conventional wisdom says that most Nova Scotians came, well, from Scotland or whereabouts (presumably long time ago) and that’s somehow made them guilty of ‘colonialism’, apparently a genetic trait. But what if some of those chaps’ ancestors came from say Sweden in the 1950s? What if he/she descends from those black loyalists who settled in Nova Scotia? These and many other question would be of course superfluous for it’s impossible to argue with an irrational prejudice that proclaims that all whites are guilty of ‘colonialism’ (or racism or whatever) by the virtue of being white and that ‘ethnics’ are colored folks who speak broken English and cook funny tasty food that would be grateful to tears to receive a benevolent approval from the PC masters.


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