Sunday, June 05, 2005

the Globe's groovy guy

Bob Tarantino mocks Rick Salutin's latest bile of non-sequitur nonsense.
I've stopped reading Salutin long time not because I'd disagree with everything he ever has to say. I just can't stand his incoherent ramblings any more - his columns can't withstand even the most primitive check of reasoning.
A more interesting question though, is why the Globe keeps him even though it must be evident to anyone how little he delivers in exchange for the valuable opinion space. I think it's due to their quite odd idea of 'balance'. They have Margaret Wente who's perceived to be a right-winger, which isn't true of course (she's sided with the establishment when it really mattered in the past - see her defense of the last appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada). So they feel obliged to offer space to someone on the left. And hence comes Rick Salutin.
I've heard some lefties accusing the Globe of being a ‘conservative rag’ actually. It’s funny but perhaps they’re not so much off the mark – If I were a left-winger I’d be sure as hell concerned that the voice of my party in the Globe is represented by Rick Salutin.


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