Friday, November 26, 2004

Ukrainian revolution and Western Left's reflexive anti-Americanism

In the course of the last two days the Ukrainian revolution has finally managed to attract attention of media throughout the world (not just in Canada, where it's all about a large Ukrainian diaspora).
The coverage is mostly positive going along the lines people vs. the regime paradigm.
But virtually the only people outside Russia/Belarus/China/Cuba/North Korea who have voiced their objections turned out to be the European Left.
Jonathan Steele wrote a piece entitled "Ukraine's postmodern coup d'etat".
and John Laughland commented on western media's bias in covering the events in Ukraine is his "The revolution televised".

There is so much wrong with their arguments. John Laughland is no stranger to me. I've trashed his writings on Ukraine before.
Let me just point out again that this is the guy who didn't believe that Putin was an imperialist!
Essentially, to them the main fault of the Ukrainian revolution is that has gained support in the West, and in particular in America. Their mantra is simple: America can do no good therefore there must be something fishy about those Ukrainians and their alleged 'revolution'. Hence accusations that mass protests are being fully paid for by the CIA, U.S. AID etc.

Well, it just makes it easier for me to understand how the Left could support communist dictatorships, such as in Cuba, and question the Prague Spring in 1968.

P.S. I'm not sure whether Mr. Laughland had me in mind while ranting about Yushchenko's western sponsors. Today days ago I donated 20$ CAD to help the people protesting at Maidan (Independence Square). Does it qualify as subversive Western aid?


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