Thursday, November 25, 2004

latest developments in Ukraine

Putin has congratulated Yanukovych for the second (!) time on his 'victory' - well, no surprise here.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine has prohibited publishing the elections results until after the complaints filed by Yushchenko are fully examined

Representatives of the SBU (Ukrainian analogue of FBI) came up with a statement supporting Yushchenko and against the elections fraud.

Peter Goldring, Edmonton's MP, spoke today on the Rutherford Show from Kyiv. Everything was fine except one thing: he, and I had also watched CNN earlier, made a somewhat erroneous impression that the conflict is between eastern, Russian-speaking and Russian-oriented regions of Ukraine, and more pro-Western ones.
That's not the point: Kyiv is a pretty much Russian-speaking city and there are thousands of Yushchenko supporters who speak primerily Russian. Yanukovych is a stooge of thugs and oligarchs from Donetsk who wanna to bend over the entire Ukraine, Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking alike, to their will.
People are tired of being ruled by gangsters and thugs. That's why the protests are so numerous.
I think Western media should emphasize this aspect of the issue rather than muse constantly about how it's a conflict between East and West.

P.S. some new pics here
(top picture: Yushechenko, heavy weight champion Klitschko, and 2004 Eurovision winner - Ruslana).


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