Monday, November 22, 2004

Attention world! Ukrainian revolution

Yesterday, Ukrainians voted in the second round of the 2004 presidential elections.According to the Central Electoral Committee, prime minister Viktor Yanukovych appears to have won.

It is no doubt in my mind that the elections have been rigged. IT WAS A FRAUD!!!
there is no need to go deep into details to see how blatantly were the results skewed. In the east, in the prime minister's stronghold, Donetsk region, the turnout was 97%. It just can't be! Unless one lives in North Korea or the former Soviet Union, turnout could never be that high, no matter what. Apparently, Ukraine has joined that list.

There is a big rally going on in Kyiv right now, about 100,000 people out there, on the streets, protesting the outcome. I hope there is enough determination to keep the pressure so that the authorities will listen. But I have few illusions. They didn't hesitate to rig the elections for they knew how much was at stake.
Russia, which had been shamelessly interfering in the Ukrainian internal affairs, has already congratulated Yanukovych on his victory. Western observers though have protested the violations and deemed the elections unfair.


I really hope that Western governments and public opinion will finally pay attention. We need your help, we need heads of Western governments to take a stand and come to the rescue of Ukrainian democracy.
I hope that cheap Russian gas and oil haven't bought Putin quiet approval of his imperialism.



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