Thursday, November 11, 2004

reflections upon Remembrance Day

My ancestors didn't die on the Flanders fields. But one of my most treasured possessions is the picture of my great great father, Mikhail Kovalevsky, wearing a Russian army officer uniform. The date is 1915.
In the former Soviet Union the First World War is almost forgotten due to the tumolous times that followed it: revolutions, civil war, Stalin's repressions and above all the Second World War have erased any memory about those who died on in Galicia and East Prussia, the Eastern, less known, front of that war.
Only in Canada, I discorovered that the WWI is indeed remembered. And it makes me happy to know that I've got my own piece of memory to share about it.

to my grand great father, a WWI veteran, and to my grandfather, who fought in the WWII - I remember ye!
Lest I forget...


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