Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kerry's presidency: lost opportunities

As I said here and here I was cheering for Bush. And he delivered having won quite convincingly all the deluded loonie-left naysayers notwithstanding.
Yet, I was prepared to accept Kerry's presidency too. There could have been several good things about it:

- cocktail parties. Not that I would've been ever invited but I am sure Western diplomats would've been delighted

- watching Kerry's wife antics

- Shirac, Shroeder etc. trying to twist themselves into pretzels explaining why they could not support the U.S. when Bush is gone now.

- watching Jon Stewart ridiculing John Kerry stiffness and wooden demeanor. Though, in the last month of the campaign, to my dismay, Stewart appeared to be more a partisan than I had thought.

- perhaps, a stronger opposition to Putin's authoritarianism, though I greatly doubt that.


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