Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four more years!

It's now over - several hours ago Kerry decided not to hold on to the vain hope of Ohio and conceded.

and GOP has won more Senate and Congressional seats.

I'm not gloating or in a jubilant mood. Like many others I've had some reservations about Bush's policies and still remains to be seen that this bold attempt at nation-building in Iraq can and will be successful.

I wish him luck though and I'm glad that America-haters have lost.


At 6:00 PM, Blogger A. Shah said...

This has been one hell of an expensive election for me! It's just mind-boggling that the US electorate could have given Bush another mandate after all that’s happened. I should have paid heed to the words of H.L.Mencken- 'no one has ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of plain people'. Apparently this observation is particularly true of the good old USA. Bush has led them into an unjustified war that’s turned into a debacle, failed to capture Bin Laden, is helping to breed the next generation of America's enemies by launching an offensive war and siding completely with Israel rather than trying to mediate between the two parties, has destroyed diplomatic relations with much of the world through his sheer arrogance and lack of respect, is running up the largest deficits in US history bankrupting the country, has presided over the worst job growth record since the great depression, has failed utterly in combating endemic business corruption and hands over lucrative government contracts without competition to cronies, has torn up international treaties governing WMD proliferation, has failed utterly is controlling former Soviet nuclear technology and weaponry, has completely undermined Korean peace talks leading to North Koreas development of nuclear weapons, has strengthened support for hardline Mullahs in Iran through their lack of diplomacy, has shown contempt for environmental issues- fighting every government regulation and international accord protecting the environment, has actively worked to undermine the credibility of the UN, and has contributed in creating a massive cultural bifurcation of his own country by his radical and divisive politics.

The man is a disaster by any measure, and still he wins and gets a significant lead in the popular vote. Perhaps the USA deserves the chimp. It's unfortunate the rest of the world has to deal with the consequences of this election as well.

At 6:32 PM, Blogger A. Shah said...

Now this is an election that matters:

At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all perspective;

Bush has begun the unraveling of facism in the ME, has cornered bin Laden, is pushing all governments to be responsible and is setting a principled example for world citizens (tough love if you will), has invited all allies to the effort and exposed the reticent to their share of criticism, has continued to grow the economy (had he not, he would surely be bashed (deficits: damned if he does, damned if he doesn't, so to speak)), has kept inflation low while maintaining low unemployment, has uncovered and prosecuted corrupt business leaders who began their crimes in the 90s, has done as much as any president in containing threats, has opened multilateral "nukular" talks in Asia-Pacific, has pushed Iran to internalize, has fought to restructure the US energy grid to be more efficient, has overseen the largest R&D budget into alternative energy, has uncovered UN scandal, laziness, and corruption, and has encouraged domestic unity by refraining from personal or group attacks while facing his share.


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