Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bush dodgers to flee to Canada - not so fast

The delusional nature of love-hate obsession that many Canadians have towards the U.S. has manifested itself again in the debate about recents musings that many disillusioned Americans from the so called blue states want to relocate to Canada out of disgust with Bush's victory.
As this article at Slate correstly points out immigrating to Canada may take up 25 months. I would only add that this is an optimistic estimation. In the developed countries it may take up to five years to get through. The 25 months waiting period is only applicable to the U.S. offices precisely because they are less crowded as they serve mostly foreign nationls. And it still 25 months! If there is indeed a massive exodus of Americans, the system will get cloged up even more.
But what actually pisses me is the fact that Canadian lefties are now saying that Canada should welcome those Yankees. it makes me angry for it can only mean that Americans should be given some kind of 'special treatment', fast track immigration procedure, comparing to all other immigrants.
See I have no grudges against Americans per se, even left-wing ones, and provided their credentials are valid they shold be able to immigrate like anybody else. For the same reason of fairness though, they ought to go through the process like everybody else. And lemme bet on this: once your typical Bostonian finds out that he/she has to wait 3-4 years to get permanent residence, the enthusiasm would vane considerably.
My verdict: another media non-story


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