Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sergei Zholtok - R.I.P.

Nashville Predators center Sergei Zholtok died at age 31 after becoming ill during a hockey game in his hometown of Riga, Latvia.

I can't exactly say why but I always liked the guy. He was one of those quiet workhorses, a talented player who earned his money hard.
Being an ethnic Russian, he was a patriot of his native Latvia where he was born and raised. He played for his country in many international tournaments whenever possible.
During the lockout he came to play for Riga-2000, not some big money Russian club.
And he was a very nice man, intelligent, soft-spoken, devoted to his wife and children.
He collapsed on the ice while playing. It's been reported that the probably cause
of death was cardiac arrythmia. And he was only 31...

Rest in Peace, Sergei. Vechnaya Pamyat.


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