Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Why Bush should win. Part 2

I have heard over and over again. Musician X, actor Y, or writer/sculptor/artistic performer-what have you has decided to speak out against Bush.
Something along the lines
"I hate him coz he's so stupid, a Texan rube, moron, against environment, NAACP, poor people, same sex marriage and so on and so forth."

First of all, world won't turn into a paradise overnight just because Bush's lost the elections. I daresay it would remain pretty much the same shitty place but you won't hear about it coz the Bush-bashing crowd will have moved on to another fashionable cause.

Also What's assumed here that said celebrity is so MUCH smarter, intellectual, progressive than the poor cowboy.

Really??? So the average rocker, a high school drop-out, who spent last ten years smoking dope and hanging out at 'cool' places is of course a paragon of intellectual vigour??? Gimme a break!!
That's why I love the movie "Zoolander" - "male models" (read: the celeb crowd) are presented there for what they are:
vain, vacuous, ignorant, self-absorbed pipsqueaks. They're just so PHONY...
Bush is not trying to pass for a philosopher-king, whereas they are.
You know my choice...


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