Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Amazing Race in St. Petersburg

Yesterday I was surfing through channels, as usual, waiting for the Daily Show when I came across the Amazing Race. I had never watched it before although I was aware of what it was. But this time I did stop by coz the stage was in my native Piter (the Russian way of saying St. Petersburg).

The contestans were supposed to do three things:

  • drink a shot of vodka from a sabre
  • stop five pucks fired by a member of the local hockey team SKA (the funny thing was that on the screen it was written: CKA hockey rink - that's how the team name is written in cyrillic) 
  •  eat a kilo of black caviar

which one was the most difficult, can you guess?

No not the vodka drinking or the puck stopping.
As it turned out the most challenging task was to  eat caviar. Caviar is supposed to be Russian national food but it's quite expensive and not that many people in Russia have eaten it even once in their lives. But I have, when I was a kid :-), and I quite liked it.

But I do know too, that 'fish eggs' are not very popular in North America or Western Europe. So I expected some of the contestants would have trouble doing it. Indeed, they had. But what was interesting it was who exactly struggled the most.

The black guy seemed to enjoy it, an average looking middle aged woman did ok. too, as did some nerdy guy. it were too young girls who nearly puked and it took them about an hour or so to finish.They cried, they cringed and hissed at their boyfriends when the poor chaps tried to speed them up (it's a race, after all). 

I wish somebody gave me a kilo of black caviar!!! :-)


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