Tuesday, April 27, 2004

CSI - nerdy serial with lousy plots and cool computer animations!

Back to the blog after a while.

Last Sunday I watched a re-run of the Snuff
a CSI serial episode. I'd watched CSI before but I thought it was kinda cool.
But I could never bring myself to like completely because the plot seemed rather
mundane and symplistic to me. Finally it got me though. The end was still rather
disappointing but the investigation itself: the restructuring the facial features,
the computer graphics were superb. This serial is not about characters, humans
are peripheral to science, which set the SCI apart from any other criminal drama.

I may be watching it again next Sunday.

Nebol'shoe pojasnenie po-russki: v bytnost' moju student kafedry etnografii my izuchali cherepa skifov - rasovye osobennosti, pol i tak dalee Estestvenno vse eto na ochen' primitivnom urovne, iz “tehniki” tol'ko shtangencirkul' :-). Posmotrev SCY ja predstavil kak by kruto eto vygljadelo esli by smogli vossozdat' lica etih ljudej - ne po metodu hudozhnika Gerasimova :-), a s pomosch'ju naisovremennejshih tehnologij!!