Sunday, March 21, 2004

a Liberal gets spookied about Stephen Harper

Linda McQuaig's article in the Ottawa Citizen reprinted in the

Edmonton Journal

Less than 24 hours after Harper got elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, liberal pundits in Ottawa have launched their righteous crusade against those "bloodthirsty" Conservatives. The usual stuff, you know.
But I find her ramblings quite funny for another reason
I've been wondering for a while what is the ideology behind Red Toryism. She provides a hilarous description of it when she writes:
In a red Tory scenario, the rich still run things and enjoy the lion's share of the spoils, but they're expected to look out for the well-being of the whole community -- to ensure that those beneath them in the social order get some education, medical attention and even something to eat.

Right on, Linda! Everybody, Look out for those evil conservatives! Didn't you forget to mention that they also eat newborns for breakfast??


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