Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Alexandre Trudeau goes to Moscow

I've known for a long time that Canadian elite have a soft spot for communism and socialism is a respected doctrine among them. But when confronted with an actual manifestation of that fondness, one can only be feeling stunned and flabbergasted.
So here comes Trudeau's son article at MacLean about his trip to Russia.
Bob Tarantino again demonstrates excellently how Trudeau Jr. made himself into a complete idiot.

He covers it all except this one:
On my intellectual adventures in the land of the old guard, one last encounter is necessary. No one is more identified with the end of the communist era than Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev...
It seems fitting that I only manage to catch him at the VIP departure lounge at of the Moscow airport as he is leaving Russia, where he's hated, for a visit to the United States, where he's seen as a hero. Mikhail Sergeyevich is impatient, but soon waxes poetic about Canada. "They say that Thatcher was the first in the West to discover me, but Canada knew me before," he says. Knowing my time is limited, I get straight to the point: "Is there a future for socialism in Russia?" He looks at me as if I am out of my head. Then I quickly remember that socialism is what the Soviets called Marxism, even Stalinism, and add, "I mean socialism as we understand it in Canada or Sweden."

Two paragraphs earlier this great expert on the varieties of socialism praised Che Guevara, Nicaragua Sandinistas, mourned over the demise of the 'Bolshevik' party, and resorted to seek advice on current Russian affairs from a dino, hardcore Stalinist - Viktor Anpilov. (Anpilov would probably be the last politician to be consulted about the significance of Beslan. He's so utterly irrelevant these days. But Trudeau wants to get a certain answer: blame it all on the demise of socialism and he gets it. What a bastard!!!)

P.S. My other ideological, political cultural disagreements with the Western Left notwithstanding what truly I can never ever forgive them is the continuing inability to acknowledge and disown communism. In the 30s, when Stalin sent millions to GULAG, the likes of Trudeau were slavishly praising his regime. Blood was upon their hands too. The descendants of Kremlin's western sycophants haven't learnt a thing.


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