Tuesday, November 23, 2004

kooky stuff

The entire day I've been following Ukrainian events and I feel overwhelmed by their magnitude. Perhaps, tomorrow blood will be shed in Kyiv, which I hope won't happen. But for now I'm in a mood for some jesting.

Joke N1:
Скорбное ебало Януковича
(this phrase in Russian aptly describes Yanukovych's facial expression when he spoke of the egg bomb incident and a month later when he was ambushed by a German journalist who asked him about his criminal convictions.)

Joke N2
Я спросил его, признает ли он, что 96-процентным может быть спирт, но никак не явка на выборах.
"I asked him to admit that 96% can only refer to ethanol's percentage in pure spirit, not a voter turnout" (a reference to the Central Electoral Committee's data on the Donetsk region)


At 3:29 AM, Blogger Nosemonkey said...

Good work - keep it up. The blogging community is waking up to this now, and some of the mainstream European media seems to be following suit.

Fingers crossed...



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