Tuesday, November 23, 2004

rally in Edmonton in support of Yuschenko

It's been a while since I took part in a street political event
About an hour ago I came back from a pro-Yuschenko rally at the Alberta legislature. It was organized by local Ukrainians. There were about 100 people and TV people: CBC, Global, CFRN(local CTV channel) were all there.
We chanted Yuschenko! Yuschenko! many times; I felt a bit awkward. There were a couple of speeches made and we sang the Ukrainian anthem (it was wonderful - I never thought it was so cool to sing it, last time I did that in public was about 15 years ago). We sang the Canadian anthem too.
It was a bit chilly but every time I felt cold I thought of the people in the streets of Kyiv who are out there day and night.
Anyway, democracy will prevail!

P.S. hope to post some links soon

Current mood: Ukraine is not dead yet!

UPDATE: I just learnt that yesterday about 1900$ CAD had been collected to provide financial help to the protesters in Kyiv.


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