Friday, November 26, 2004

summary of today's developments in Ukraine

There are two major things:
- talks between Yuschchenko, Yanukovych and Kuchma to resolve the crisis
- statements issued by a number of regional authorities that essentially are tantamount to a threat of secession.

Yushchenko has essentially agreed to have a new round of voting. It is to be held on December 12.
There has been a passionate debate on the Ukrainian side of the internet as well as among pundits whether it's a colossal mistake or a brilliant move.
Those who think it's a mistake argue that Yushchenko has won already and should only negotiate the transfer of power. There is a fear that people would become disillusioned and would abandon the cause.
Others prefer a more legalistic approach, going through the courts and so on.

As to the cecession threat, there is a good article on it at Glavred (in Russian/Ukrainian)addressing this concern. It points out that the East of Ukraine is not monolithic and so elites in Dnipropetrovsk would never bow to the Donetsk clan. The reason why this issue has been brought up is quite simple: regional bosses implicated in the election fraud are terrified of facing the music, so to speak. It's an act of desperation.


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