Friday, November 26, 2004

the mechanics of fraud

It has become a widely accepted truth to say that the presidential elections in Ukraine were rigged. But few in the West have a good understanding of what the election fraud in Ukraine entailed.
I came across this article (it's in Russian) that provides a first hand account of the tricks, employed to obtain those absolutely implausible numbers in Donetsk region(where most of the falsifications are believed to have taken place).
96% - overall turnout. 97% - ballots cast for Yanukovych.

The article is written by a Russian observer, Aleksandr Kynev who, on November 21, was in the city of Gorlovka (Donetsk region).
I've translated the entire article but as of now I am only providing a 'juicy' excerpt:
Having made my way through to the table I took the position to observe the process of counting. Nevstruev [head of the polling station commission] was sorting out the ballots at the speed of a machine gun. I saw with my own eyes how a ballot marked for Yushchenko went to the Yanukovych stack. Then there was one more, and another, and another. When I saw the fourth ballot going that way, I forgot Nevstruev’s promise to have me removed from the polling station if I make any comments. I couldn’t hold myself and said: “Stop. Please put a couple of ballots back!. The ballot for Yushchenko was indeed pulled out from the Yanukovych stack. So was one more and one more… On the fifth ‘caught’ ballot Nevstruev exploded: Do you want to get another ballot for Yushchenko? The commission members started hissing at me. “Who are you working for? What’s the matter with you?” “We’re counting ballots and I want the count to be accurate” I replied. “You’re from Russia, and Putin supports Yanukovych. So why are you interfering with our work?

P.S. it shoudl be noted that Mr. Kynev is from Russia therefore is no fan of Yushchenko. In fact, his recollections were published at an 'imperialistic' Rissian web site that contains a lot of anti-Yushchenko, and I would say anti-Ukrainian, bile.


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