Sunday, November 28, 2004


Ukraine is going through a revolution and there is a talk about a possible civil war, splitting the country etc.. Meanwhile in Canada, the hottest political item is the minister of immigration, Judy Sgro's, involvement in a governmental program to bring more strippers to Canada.

Liberal media is having a hard time, dealing with this issue. To condemn this practice on moral grounds would be too conservative yet, Ms. Sgro is virtually the only one who keeps defending it. So a new argument has been brought up: the idea of bringing strippers to Canada is bad because women often get sexually exploited. That's what Jane Taber from the Globe said today at the CTV's Question period.
Well, I don't doubt there is som truth to it but it I cannot help but ask:
so if we somehow manage to ensure women don't get exploited, it would be a commendable thing to import strippers from overseas??


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