Thursday, October 07, 2004

a showcase example of "non-sequitur" logical fallacy

From today's National Post:
Mohammed Ayug Ali Khan, chairman of the Indo-Islamic Heritage Council of Canada replies to a letter, published earlier, which was entitled "Barbaric Acts" and was written by an Indo-Canadian Venkat N. As you may guess the letter was very critical of Islam and Muslims, to put it midly. So Mr. Khan felt obliged to respond. Fair enough.
He wrote:
"If the almost 1,000 year-long Muslim rule in India was as brutal as claimed by Venkut N., then there wouldn't be a single Hindu left in India today. The fact that the Hindus are still a majority in India shows that Muslim rule in India has been one of tolerance and harmony."
Though I'm not surpised. I'm becoming convnced more and more that leaders of all ethnic groups have been lobbying their group's rights a bit too vigoursly, at the expence of reason usually. May be I'm going to have to write a post on what I mean by it.


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